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Previous Recipients of $100:
09/18/2017: Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue

Currently we have 25 rabbit's in the rescue and some are picky hay eaters. We would use the $100.00 to purchase Red Winter Wheatgrass seeds and grow ourselves to supplement their diet. In the past few weeks we have a rabbit that had bloat, and will only eat the wheat grass and it has cost us more then $100 to buy it. We have a couple volunteers that will grow it, we just have to provide Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seed Non-GMO - Guaranteed to Grow. Thank you for considering us.
09/18/2017: Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

Nala is going to need a spay surgery in a few months...

This beautiful rabbit found herself at Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary after she was found wandering on her own in a local community abandoned. Upon arrival we noticed she was a bit on the heavy side and could possibly be pregnant and as it turns out she was, giving birth to eight beautiful babies just two days later. They are very adorable as baby bunnies are, and we will have a party to welcome them and raise funds for our organization and even a naming contest on Facebook, Nala is great mom but needs our help.
09/18/2017: New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington

We will use the money one hundred percent to help with the spaying or neutering of the many rabbits that we spay or neuter each month.
05/08/2017: Tiny Paws Rabbit Rescue

Well this last Easter weekend I got a dump on my porch. Someone left a bunny on my porch in a box. She is a small white bunny, blind in one eye and 1/2 blind in the other. Her bottom is a mess and she has injuries on the side of her paws. I need the money to pay for them meds to get her better. Poor bunny!
05/08/2017: Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group

There are many costs that $100 would help us out with since we are an all-volunteer, completely donation-based rescue. Once a rabbit is rescued from the dangers of the wild, costs start to add up. They usually need to be immediately treated with Revolution for parasites acquired outside, so we need to keep a stock ready for potential rescues. Each rabbit needs to be examined by a vet as soon as possible and treated for any medical issues they may have, as well as their eventual spay and neuter. They’ll likely need other medications as well. Many newly rescued rabbits are put into foster care that the group pays to help set up. Once a fosterer provides the space, we provide a pen or cage, litter box, carrier, food and that’s just to get them started. Our group continues to pay for medical care as well as food and cleaning supplies needed to give these rabbits a chance to thrive before they are hopefully adopted into a forever home.

There are 2 LIRRG main foster homes where our adoptables are kept, one being a special needs sanctuary home for our unadoptables where they get to live out their lives on their terms with dignity and compassion.

05/08/2017: New Mexico HRS

We would use this money to spay/neuter one rabbit. Spay/neuter is essential for a bunnies health and behavior prior to being adopted out.
11/20/2016: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

MHRR used a lot of resources during the catastrophic flooding in our area back in August. We evacuated and most of our volunteers were spared, though a few of our foster homes are still unable to care for their own pets or can't foster because they are housing extra rabbits or humans as their homes are still being renovated. Our group gave food, litter and supplies to many families who lost everything, or just couldn't get to a pet store as they were either closed down from flooding or sold out. We transferred several of our adoptable rabbits to wonderful rescues throughout the US to make room for several new rabbits that were now suddenly homeless, and the veterinary care for all of the new intakes was done with savings we had stored up for another purpose as we "lost" all of the funding from adoption fees we would have collected for the previous bunnies that were transferred. We would like to replenish the funds used for veterinary care so that we can get started on our next projects, as well as have for backup in case we have another unforeseen emergency.
11/20/2016: New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington

Hi. We would be interested in your pennies for bunnies grant. We would use the money for spay and neuter and Vet care. We spay and neuter all of our bunnies prior to adoption and they are fully Vetted. We serve all of Wilmington and surrounding counties within 50 miles but have been known to help out of state rescues too. We are a veey small non profit with 3 board members all of whom work full time jobs in addition to working every weekend showing our adoptable rabbits at local pet stores such as petco, petsense, and petsmart. This year alone we have spayed and neutered over 84 rabbits and have rehomed over 64. We have very little time for grant writing due to us working full time, managing the care and vet appointments and working adoption fairs. Any little bit helps because we have few people willing to volunteer to help us, sadly. Thank you. If you need anything else please let me know.
11/20/2016: Little Friends Rescue

Little Friends Rescue often pulls rabbits from high volume kill shelters in Quebec, Canada. We would put our winnings from this contest towards the vetting and spay/neuter of a kill shelter rabbit. It costs us and average of $300 to prepare a rabbit for adoption and this donation would go a substantial way towards saving a life, which is priceless.
4/21/2016: F5RS

Hello, we are F5RS Rescue & Sanctuary and F5RS Bunnies in Baskets. This month the rescue is taking in two non owner surrenders (dumped bunnies) and we need to get them both neutered for adoption. We also have a wellness check up for Goldenrod and her testing to be the newest F5RS BIB therapy bunny which the vet does. If she passes we have to get her registered right away. We used the funds set aside for Goldenrod for emergency surgery for one of our adoptables who had complications after his neuter. We would use the $100.00 from Pennies for Bunnies to get all of this done. Thank you very much.
4/21/2016: Heartland Small Animal Rescue

All of our adoptable bunnies are spayed or neutered and microchipped. We take bunnies that some rescues would normally pass on. We've recently taken in several bunnies with syphillis and made sure they got the proper treatment and care for a full recovery. All moneys would, of course, be used for such vetting.
4/21/2016: Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue

Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue in Maine, would LOVE to buy our bunnies some new, interactive toys, stools and tunnels for them to play with. Keeping our bunnies busy and preoccupied is very important to their overall health and well-being! Thank you!!
1/3/2016: Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue

Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue is run by three people. My husband and I take care of daily needs, like feeding, litter boxes, keeping cages clean, and daily interaction. I have another volunteer who helps with the websites. My husband and I have moved to another home. Of course, the rabbits are going with us. Many of our new pens are used for sanctuary's (those that come in and we find out that they can never be adopted). $ 100.00 will be helpful in setting up areas for pens and purchasing new pens.
1/3/2016: Tiny Paws Small Animal Rescue

We have several rabbits in our care, some are sanctuary rabbits who will stay with us. They require medical care on a daily basis and regular veterinary visits. We could use the $100 to help pay for their needs. One such rabbit is Monet a gorgeous New Zealand rabbit who requires regular visits to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Please consider us as a recipient of the Pennies for Bunnies Contest.

Thank you.

1/3/2016: House Rabbit Society of Chicago

We would use the $100 to neuter a rescued Foster rabbit!
10/25/2015: Bibble's Bunny Sanctuary

Our recent giant REW rescue Litha (rescued in June on summer solstice) was pregnant and gave birth to five healthy babies despite having been dumped in the wild to fend for herself, attacked by a fox, and massive neck wound and damaged legs. The babies are now two and a half months old and in a couple of months will need to be neutered and spayed. Also Boris now has to have dentals every three to four weeks, which is crushing us financially. We have rescued so many bunnies in the past two years, entire families and pregnant females and we are just a small two person rescue.
10/25/2015: Bright Eyes Sanctuary

We keep a grocery fund aside to buy veggies for the bunnies and on average, spend $100+/month on veggies. Our most elderly sanctuary bunny, Josephine, who is now 17 (and registered with Guinness World Records as a contender for world's oldest living rabbit) is on expensive arthritis drugs as are many of our 40 sanctuary rabbits, most of whom are elderly. Additionally, we cannot as of yet, afford to conduct our annual exams for everybun which averages a total of $6,000 (includes blood work, the house calls and follow up testing). We have an 8 year old lionhead with a cystic thymoma which needs draining every four to six months and costs about $350 each time.

Every month we go through 150lbs of Oxbow hay every month, also Oxbow litter pellets and treats. Then there are you see, it will help with any number of expenses. Thank you for your consideration.

10/25/2015: Tiny Paws Rescue & Sanctuary

I have multiple people surrendering bunnies. I would use it to pay for a neuter or spayed so we can get the bunnies ready for adoption. This is one more bunny I can save.
6/3/2015: Phoebe's Rabbit Haven

Recently we have taken in a paralyzed bun, named Will (because he has the will to live) Will was found dumped in a busy industrial area and was taken to our local humane society but they are unable to care for rabbits and would have only euthanized him. We knew that just being paralyzed didn't necessarily mean he couldn't lead a full happy life so we took him in. He immediately presented with an inability to urinate on his own despite our certified exotics vets best efforts has not regained function and requires bladder expression every 6 hours. He also is on an antibiotic regime due to a urinary tract infection. He still has a lot of life and love left to give and as long as he is still fighting we will keep fighting for him. As a result of Will's medical issues and despite campaigning for donations for his expenses we have fallen behind on routine spays and neuters for our other 30+ residents and various other expenses incurred in rescue work. The winnings from this contest would go a long way in helping us catch up. Thank you!
6/3/2015: F5RS

What we would do with $100.00 is use it for our little Bunnies in Baskets (Therapy Rabbits) girl Buttons. She became seriously ill March 1st and just recovered the beginning of May. She will be on medication for life and her vet bills included x-rays, two different veterinarians, sub-q fluids and many different treatments. While her vet bill has been paid, we still have her ongoing medications and vet visits. This has put a strain on the rescue's medical and our spay/neuter fund and we would truly appreciate the help that this $100.00 would bring to us. Thank you.
6/3/2015: Tiny Paws Small Animal Rescue

We have several special needs and elderly sanctuary bunnies who need constant vet care. We are a no kill rescue so all of the bunnies in our care receive all necessary medical care and lots of love. This money would help with our increasing vet bills.
1/27/2015: Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Tranquility Trail would love to win the $100 grant to help with the medical costs for a special bunny named BC. BC was part of a rescue of 132 bunnies from a backyard. Since coming to the sanctuary, he has had many medical issues but comes through all with an amazing strength. In December, he had another jaw abscess surgery. He will be on antibiotics long term and needs periodic eye flushes and drops for sinus and eye issues. The $100 would be used for his continuing medical bills. Thank you for the opportunity!
1/27/2015: Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

We received word that an injured rabbit was turned in to Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) after being found loose in the Orlando area. Even though Orlando is two hours South of Gainesville, we really wanted to help him. We tried to get him right away so he could be seen by a vet but OCAS would not release him until his 'stray hold' was up. So he sat in a metal cage for days with no medical attention. When we were finally allowed to pull him from the facility we found that this underweight boy had infected wounds on his back, eat mites, matted fur, and an eye injury. He has been with us for a week and a half now and has been named Skipper. Thankfully, Skipper is already showing improvement and you can tell that he is starting to feel better. If we were chosen for the Pennies for Bunnies contest, we would use the proceeds to help pay for Skippers medical expenses. Thanks for all you do for bunnies!
1/27/2015: Bright Eyes Sanctuary

It would go directly to the veggie bill for the 30 lbs of romaine and 5 lbs of carrots purchased every week for our buns. So that would buy about 2.5 weeks of grocery funds to go into the bunnies' fridge. Or one week of groceries and a 50lb box of Oxbow hay (which lasts two weeks).
11/3/2014: Bibble's Bunny Sanctuary

We have rescued many more bunnies than we normally do since the summer. The need has been enormous for bunnies in danger to be rescued. We even rescued 6 adult bunnies from London, which is not our area, but they were in a very bad place and needed to be safe. We have spent hundreds on vaccinations in the past month and have had 2 girls and 4 boys spayed and neutered and still need 3 more girls and 1 more boy to be done. Also the orphaned babies have had their vaccinations which cost over £150 and their vet milk costs quite a lot too. We only have capacity for 22 bunnies but are now taking care of 34. We do have a foster person but have had to build a new run in our garden and need new sheds and materials for runs, to replace old housing.
11/3/2014: Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

We are trying to save up money to insulate one of our buildings at the sanctuary so we can use it during the cold Michigan winters. During the summer months, it allows us to hold up to twenty more rabbits, most recently as larger pens to hold newly rescued litters who weren't ready to be separated. It provides a comfy, quiet area apart from our larger adoption barn for more nervous rabbits as well.
11/3/2014: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

In the beginning of Oct 2014 MHRR took in 13 bunnies within 15 days! Thankfully we got a few spay/neuter sponsors, but we are continuing to take in more and could really use $100 towards spays and neuters.
11/3/2014: Luv-n-Bunns Rabbit Rescue

Luv-n-Bunns has a very sick and neglected little bunny coming in this week. We would put this money towards his treatment (ear mites and several other problems).
8/12/2014: Cullens Archangel Rescue

Bilbo was found in Charlotte, NC by a rabbit rescuer from NJ. She was in a local wedding and totally not prepared to find a stray Angora rabbit. She quickly grabbed him and researched local rabbit rescues and came up with CARE. Though funds remain almost non-existent, adoptions are low, and foster space is tight, we agreed to help her and the rabbit.

The situation was dire, so we scrambled to get him transported to Irmo, SC to our rabbit vet and a foster spot with our Rabbit Director, Emily. Bilbo was severely matted, which was leading him straight to ileus due to lack of mobility. He could not withstand anesthesia, so we devised a plan to shear his coat with a specially designed letter opener. The ordeal almost became too much for Bilbo and he struggled for the remainder of the week. Slowly, Bilbo has regained is strength and put on weight. It's truly a miracle he was found alive and has continued to improve since coming to CARE, thanks to everyone's contribution.

Bilbo's expenses have been high due to his needs. We are still working to get him well enough for his neuter. Once ready, he has a fabulous home waiting to adopt him. CARE needs funds to help complete Bilbo's care.

8/12/2014: Dancing Rabbit Refuge

As a new Rescue on the block, winning the $100 in the Pennies for Bunnies contest would mean so much to us!

We opened our doors in March 2014 and have already started helping many bunnies.

Our newest bunny, CinnaBun is in need of help. Unfortunately, dental disease is likely the cause of her illness. She has very overgrown molars on the lower left side and abnormally short upper molars on that same side. Cinna needs to have surgery to have her teeth trimmed and to see if infection or spurs are in the very back molars.

8/12/2014: The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue

We recently rescued a little Dutch bunny named Dunkin. Dunkin is a very sweet little boy, but it was very apparent after getting him settled into our rescue, something was terribly wrong. He was drooling quite a bit and after a quick look at his teeth, we made an appointment with our vet. Mr. Dunkin is a bit of a train wreck. He has severe malocclusion, so he will need to have his front incisors removed as to not put him through a lifetime of stressful vet visits for tooth filing/trimming. Dunkin also suffers from cryptorchidism, so his somewhat "simple" neuter will now be an invasive surgery to locate and remove his testicle.

If we were to receive the money, it would go towards the costly surgery to get Dunkin "back on his feet" and one step closer to his forever, loving home!

4/30/2014: Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

All of our bunnies are indoors but we are in the process of building an outdoor exercise area for them called the Bunderland Enrichment Garden. As you know, exercise time outside their pen is vital for their mental and physical health. Because of that, we wanted to create a space where the bunnies could have monitored, outdoor play time in several large, permanent enclosures. The space is designed so bunnies can take turns enjoying the fresh air and the freedom of running & playing in grass surrounded by bunny-friendly plants. The area will also include a place for the volunteers to sit, keep watch, and enjoy all the happy, healthy binkies!

If we won the prize, we would use the $100 to buy supplies to create this enrichment garden for the 40+ rescued bunnies we currently have at the Bunny Barn.

4/30/2014: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

In December we took in a mama bun (Chickadee the Californian mix) and her 5 baby bunnies (Finch, Robin, Puffin, Jay, and Raven) from a local animal shelter. Unfortunately she was also pregnant, and delivered 6 more babies just 2 weeks later! Mama has been spayed and the older litter was spayed & neutered in the beginning of April, and we're getting ready to spay and neuter the next litter at the end April. $100 would really help with the vet bills for this bunny family's 12 spays & neuters!
4/30/2014: Rabbit Sanctuary

We would use the $100 to buy mats for the bunnies that are in the health care building at the Rabbit Sanctuary. Bunnies may be in the health care building for short term treatment or for a chronic illness. We also house our elderly rabbits there, as well as new arrivals to the Sanctuary. They are housed in x-pens, with two or three mats in each pen.
3/4/2014: Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

Sweet Binks Rabbit rescue in Foster, RI just took in 34 rabbits that were in terrible conditions (a horse stall) and all have upper respiratory, wounds (some major, all have minor wounds) and will require a lot of treatment, time, then spaying/neutering and hopefully, eventually adoptable. Because most of them are young males, many have injuries to their private parts as well. We would really appreciate the help with these buns.
3/4/2014: East Bay Rabbit Rescue

Lately we have been extremely busy rescuing and fostering bunnies found near a deserted warehouse on Railroad Avenue in Livermore CA. There are still many bunnies at Railroad Avenue that need rescue. We need to trap them quickly and wipe out this breeding pocket. According to neighbors these rabbits have lived in this dismal location for years. Picked off by feral cats, hawks and owls, somehow a few survive. They appear at dusk. During the day, only dead bodies are visible. We already manage to trap a few including two pregnant females. The rescued bunnies are small, adorable, and smart. They are wonderful bunnies! Our volunteers have been paying for the upkeep of these bunnies while they are awaiting adoption to loving homes.

If we win the contest, we can use the $100 to pay for spay/neuter surgery for a couple of the juveniles. The two pregnant females have given birth to 11 babies in total. The moms have been spayed by now. But we already ran out of low cost S/N vouchers. So we desperately need additional funds to pay for S/N for the remaining bunnies.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to enter the contest!

- East Bay Rabbit Rescue

3/4/2014: F5RS

Blueberry's medical needs - This boy is super friendly, outgoing, sweet and so much more. He loves to be held and cuddled. He was dropped off at our rescue, F5RS, or should I say dumped since his owner brought him an hour before her appointment without any of the promised items like cage, food, etc. He had chemical like burns on his "privates" when we got him and was dirty. We discovered he won't groom or clean himself. We hoped that he would recover and be able to be adopted. This month when we took him in for his neuter it was discovered he has more genital trauma then was thought and our vet suggested that we keep him in the F5RS sanctuary as his forever home. Blueberry is still having problems and runs a fever every few days so he has upcoming and continuing vet appointments We love this silly boy and will be happy to give him the medical care and love that he needs. If we win the $100.00 it will help us to help Blueberry. Thank you.
1/21/2014: House Rabbit Network

The past year has seen our rescue hit capacity a few times.Thankfully, some wonderful new foster homes have opened their doors to help out. Currently, their are 120+ buns in our care, looking for forever homes.

This winter has proven to be quite chilly and we are still receiving calls for strays. If we were to be awarded this money, it would help to cover the spays, neuters and vet bills of the buns that hop in our direction.

Thank you for your consideration.

1/21/2014: Luv-n-Bunns Rabbit Rescue

We would use this money towards the vet bill of a sick older bunny we just took in from a cold, lonely outdoor hutch.
1/21/2014: Bibble's Bunny Sanctuary

Our Frida needs a dental and I don't know where I am going to find the money for it. I am thinking of selling a ring that was my mother's to raise the money. Please, it would help so much.
11/23/2013: Friends of Willow Rabbit Rescue

On 11/7/13 we took in a 12wk old Craigslist survivor who fractured his lower back, leaving his lower legs useless. We immediately took him to see a vet, who diagnosed the injury after taking X-rays. As a brand new rescue organization, he is our first special-needs rabbit & our 7th intake overall. We intend to use this money to help with medical costs as we help stabilize his health so he can live a full bunny life.
11/23/2013: Sweetpea Foundation Rabbit Rescue

We could really use the $100 towards veterinary bills because those add up so quickly. Sweetpea Foundation is a small rescue that is run entirely upon donations, and 100% of every dollar donated is spent on the bunnies. We have one bunny who has severe dental issues and needs to have his front teeth removed soon because trimming just hasn't been helpful enough. We've been working on raising the money, but this extra $100 could help!
11/23/2013: Phoebe's Rabbit Haven

We are a fairly new rescue and the only one serving our area, Salem/Keizer, Oregon. Since we are new rescue and just received our non profit status, we have no budget. All expenses come out of three board members pockets and we aren't rich. If we receive the pennies for bunnies prize it will go toward altering our rabbits, which at the moment is paid for with adoption fee at the time of adoption. This money will help streamline our adoption procedure. Every penny counts!
9/3/2013: BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center

During the last week of Nov. and first week of Dec. 2012, BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center rescued 52 bunnies from a horrific hoarding type situation at a horse boarding stable in Glendale, CA. All of these bunnies were quite malnourished, some had terribly overgrown teeth, a couple had fractured limbs that had healed wrong, one had an infected eye that had to be removed, and, of course, none were spayed or neutered. As if taking in 52 additional bunnies wasn't enough, 1 female ended up giving birth just days after her rescue. By taking in these bunnies, our census virtually doubled.

Since that time, we have been working diligently to get all these bunnies spayed and neutered. Even with a nice discount from our wonderful vet, it has cost us thousands of dollars just for the spays and neuters alone.

If we were to win the Pennies for Bunnies contest, the funds would go towards getting our remaining few intact female "stable bunnies" spayed.

Thank you for your consideration and for helping us all help the bunnies!

9/3/2013: Pigs n Buns

This has been a terrible summer for our rescue. Like every other rabbit rescue out there, we are at capacity due to post-Easter dumps and trying to take in as many as we could from local kill shelters.

To make things worse, in the past couple of weeks we have had 4 bonded pairs and a single bun who were previously adopted out returned to the rescue. This has placed a very large burden on us. We had taken in as many as we knew we could handle, never expecting to have 9 buns returned in the space of 2 weeks. They were returned for various reasons. We are hoping that one pair will eventually go back to their owner, who adores them, but he has just recently awoken from a coma in the hospital. They are on hold until we know for sure whether or not their owner can take over their care.

We would use the $100 to help with the unexpected extra daily care expenses. We will ALWAYS take back one of our buns, but the timing of this couldn't have been worse! We need help with hay, pellets, litter, and other routine expenses. Thank you for considering us! We know there are SO many worthy rescues out there.

9/3/2013: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

MHRR has had several buns needing medical care over the summer, and the veterinary bills have been piling up! Bryce had his incisors pulled due to severe malocclusion, and his tear ducts are completely blocked, with cranial x-rays showing that it's likely permanent from long-term inflammation from the teeth. Bouncy was surrendered to MHRR when her owner brought her to the vet clinic for head tilt, but couldn't afford care. In June/July, 15 of our 50 rabbits had the sniffles - that was a lot of antibiotics!! We currently have a guinea pig who might have his leg amputated. All of this on top of the usual spays & neuters. We'd love to replenish our veterinary fund!
7/1/2013: Huntsville Friends of Rabbits

We are a very small rabbit rescue in Huntsville, Alabama, but we have help as many bunnies as we can! We currently have a sanctuary bunny named Esmeralda, a beautiful New Zealand girl, who has had her share of hard luck. She came to us from the local shelter with several large bumps on her abdomen which turned out to be reproductive cancer. After two surgeries she appears to be cancer-free, but sadly that is not the end of her troubles. She developed an infection in her foot late last year which quickly became quite serious. After surgery to clean out the infection and a long course of antibiotics did not help, we agreed with our vet that the best course of action was to amputate Miss Essie's foot. The infection was moving up her leg and threatening her general health. It was a very hard decision, but now it's obvious it was the right one! She is doing so much better and is doing just fine as a tripod bunny. In fact, she has started begging for food and doing tentative binkies, which we haven't seen her do for months!

If we were to win the Pennies For Bunnies, we would put the $100 towards the cost of Miss Essie's surgery.

7/1/2013: Georgia House Rabbit Society

We here at the Georgia House Rabbit Society currently have over 100 bunnies under our care. They are housed between our main facility located in Marietta, GA and various foster homes. If we were to be so fortune as to be awarded the $100 the money would be used to purchase food and sanitary maintenance supplies to care for the buns at our main facility as they wait for adoption.

Back in March of this year we faced the onslaught of over 30 buns we rescued from a hoarding situation in our local area. It put a strain on our resources to care for these buns, especially their medical attention. So please when you vote keep the Georgia House Rabbit Society in mind. Thank you.

7/1/2013: Luv-n-Bunns Rabbit Rescue

We would apply it directly to our account at Radnor Veterinary Hospital, where we have all of our neuter/spay surgeries and general bunny health care handled.
4/20/2013: New Moon Rabbit Rescue

We have become involved in a situation in our area involving many stray (partially to fully feral) rabbits that have been allowed to breed and run free off of an individual’s property. Most of these rabbits are simply disappearing after a few weeks or month of being first seen or are being hit on roads and this is no life for these beautiful little guys and gals. With the help of a few of the families in this rural community we are catching and taking in any of these bunnies that can be saved. These rabbits will need many months of one on one attention and TLC to learn what life is really supposed to be. All will need spays and neuters once they are become more comfortable with humans and all will find loving homes.

One of these rabbits arrived on 24 March 2013 and just in the nick of time. After only four days of being in New Moon’s care, Scarlett gave birth to a litter of ELEVEN babies!! All are doing fabulously well and Mum is doing a fantastic job raising quite the busy little family. Scarlett is already showing much trust in her foster family and even asks for cuddles now (which she always gets).

If we were lucky enough to receive $100 through Pennies for Bunnies we would very much like to put it towards food to feed Scarlett’s little family. It will be many months before they are grown and ready for adoption (after spay & neuters) and these funds would go a long way to providing them with the food they need to grow up big and strong!

We are very grateful for all the love and support we receive from this amazing bunny community and want to thank you for your support now and in the future. With so many deserving rescues and organisations we would be honoured if you would consider voting for New Moon’s bunnies!!

4/20/2013: Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

We currently have over 80 rabbits in our rescue that are waiting for forever homes. Last week, we picked up three more from Marion County Animal Services that were due to be euthanized. MCAS let us know that both of the girls, Hopper and Donna Juanita, were already pregnant and due to give birth any day. Hopper had a litter of three and we are waiting for Donna Juanita's litter to arrive any day.

GRR would be thrilled to receive this prize! As you know, vet bills add up quickly with so many bunnies. The rescue of these three has quickly turned into 6 (and who knows how many on the way). If we were to win the 'Pennies for Bunnies' contest, the prize would go directly to our vet to help pay for the spay/neuter surgeries these bunnies will need before they are available for adoption.

Thank you so much for your consideration and for all that you do for bunnies!

2/25/2013: Cullens Archangel RescuE (CARE)

I am the rabbit director with Cullen's Archangel RescuE (CARE) and a $100 donation would be so appreciated. This couldn't come at a better time for the rescue as we have several rabbits receiving ER vet care. Sarah, 2.5 yr old New Zealand White, is currently on pain meds and cage rest of spinal shock. We are all praying that she pulls through this. We just lost Lopsy (6 yr old mini lop) today to what the vet feels was cancer. She spent 2 full days on fluids and supportive care to try and pull her back and unfortunately it was just too late. She was the sweetest rabbit and we will all miss her. With Lopsy & Sarah both we have racked up a huge vet bill. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Lil Bridgeman
2/25/2013: Coexist Animals

Coexist is currently diverting all resources toward the care of one particular bunny named Pancake. Pancake is a two and a half pound dwarf Himalayan who came to us anemic and balding due to a severe flea infestation. Pancake bounced back with consistent love and care and became a fantastic therapy bunny and one of the sweetest bunnies you could ever meet. Pancake’s cage mates, however, were not always so sweet and one of them took it upon herself to -er- “rearrange” Pancake’s face. Needless to say, Pancake sleeps alone these days, but he’ll also need surgery to have his injured right eye removed!

$100 would mean so much to us in helping Pancake get the eye surgery he needs. We are going to need $400-$800 to cover the surgery, $100-$200 for blood work before hand, and $100-$150 for traveling expenses, since there are no appropriate specialists in this area. We’re working hard doing grooming out-calls and raffles to raise what funds we can, but we’re still a long way off from the $600-$1150 we’ll need to get this little fella back in action.

2/25/2013: The Bunny Castle Rabbit Rescue

Here at The Bunny Castle we have several older bunnies who need daily medication and frequent vet visits. We would use the The Pennies For Bunnies Contest money to help with the vet and medication expenses for these bunnies.
1/2/2013: Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

One hundred dollars can do allot for the bunnies at Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary. Hay prices are crazy due to recent summer drought but at $10 a bale we could buy enough hay to feed all of rabbits (75) for almost a month. One hundred dollars could also help us with veterinarian expense like the most recent surgery for Chip to have his right eye removed due to an injury that caused infection. Although it was expensive surgery (one thousand dollars) we knew he was worth it and why we are here for the buns! Every dollars counts for our little organization and one hundred would be put to good bunny use.
1/2/2013: Small Pets Big Hearts

Hi, I am Beth from Small Pets Big Hearts. We currently have a 3 year old rabbit named Peanut that currently has uterine cancer. Peanut went in to the vet for her spay surgery but unfortunately when the vet look the cancer has already started. At that point the vet decided that surgery would not benefit her. Everyone in the rescue was devastated with the news. She never showed signs of pain or discomfort. Right now Peanut is currently living her last few months with her loving foster family. If the rescue were to receive money from Pennies for Bunnies Contest it would go to Peanut. The rescue would use the money for pain medication and vet bills that may occur. If we have any extra would put it towards food and treats for the other rabbits that are at the rescue.
1/2/2013: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

We have a special bunny named Bella that needs a little help with her vet bills.

Bella is a gorgeous blue-eyed white English angora. She came to Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue from another all-species local rescue that could not afford nor knew how to care for her. That rescue picked her up with head tilt and an upper respiratory infection in May, and she has been being treated at our veterinarian ever since. She tested positive for e. cuniculi, and with a 6-week panacur treatment, her head tilt is much better. Her upper respiratory was cultured and came back as pseudomonas, and was resistent to a couple of the antibiotics we had already tried. We have since tried two more rounds of antibiotics to no avail. We sent yet another sample out to the lab, and it came back resistant to the ones it was susceptible to last time! We are now on our 5th round of antibiotics. We have even taken x-rays of her nasal passages to make sure there isn't a blockage or other problem, but it only showed inflammation. Needless to say, this sweet girl has cost us our savings in vet bills, even with a couple sponsors. Any help we can get to keep her going is greatly appreciated!

1/2/2013: Rabbit Rescue Inc.

Sadly we find the Holiday season to be the worst time for dumping rabbits...with this Dec. being the worst in our operational history. In the last week we have taken in several rabbits that were caught outside after abandoned, as well as countless ones from shelters across the province. With vet bills quickly mounting, the $100 would be put towards one of their spays or neuters.

We hope to continue taking these rabbits in as long as we have fosters willing and able to provide the wondering loving care that they do. A vote for Rabbit Rescue Inc. is much appreciated and the $100 would greatly help us at this time of year.

Best wishes to all of the wonderful Rescues here working so hard to help the buns.

1/2/2013: Judge's Park

We currently have a large group of bunnies that we are seeking to find homes for and have literally had to stop all intake until next year, except for emergencies. We have a waiting list and are still having to turn many bunnies away. We have had two strays in in the last two weeks that were picked up by locals, plus a super sick baby bunny we had to take in (Gizmo on our site). Luckily Gizmo is doing well now and our two strays have been spayed/neutered, but we are now needing to raise money for Gizmo's neuter, plus money to buy food, bedding, and antibiotics for all our other bunnies. We could certainly use $100 for the bunnies the holidays!!
1/2/2013: House Rabbit Network

In August 2012, HRN opened its very first shelter staffed solely by volunteers!! Though a lot of our 100+ rabbits are in foster care, the shelter has been quite successful in adopting out buns to loving, educated, forever homes! This year has seen an extremely high number of strays. This money would help cover the costs of spays/neuters, medical bills and shelter operating costs (food, hay, rent, etc.). Please vote for HRN, for the bunnies!!!!
9/3/2012: Bunny Feathers

Our little foster bunny, Jersey, has had very bad luck. The pre-anesthesia protocol at the vet Jersey went to for neuter was to give an I.M. injection in the hind leg. Apparently, the clinician hit Jersey's nerve during the injection and this caused Jersey to loose proprioception and drag his foot. His toes were either very painful or felt numb. Our new vets gave him 2 types of pain meds, but Jersey proceeded to know on his foot. Vets decided to amputate 2 toes, which would have led to faster healing. They added a new pain med and antibiotic. But Jersey chewed at the new closure. Now, he's well bandaged and we're watching him closely.

Jersey's feeling much better, trying to exercise a bit. Sadly, during all this, he had to be on cage rest (we HATE that more than he does!) and has lost his bond to his sister. We hope they can be reunited when Jersey recovers.

One good thing is that Jersey has learned to trust us and is very calm now when we need to give him meds. He takes some of them by himself. He still doesn't like to be lifted, but loves gentle petting.

If we were to win the Pennies for Bunnies grant, we'd apply that to Jersey's vet bills, which are high, but well worth it to save this sweet, lovely little bunny. ==;9)

9/3/2012: Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society

MCRS currently has some foster rabbits with a need for special medical care. One of these fosters is Jellybean, a New Zealand mix who came to us from a situation where his basic needs weren't being met. He is undergoing treatment for severe dental problems that resulted from years of poor care. He had some extractions, and is recovering and learning to be a happy house rabbit in his new foster home! A Pennies for Bunnies award would help MCRS care for Jellybean, and other fosters with special medical needs.
9/3/2012: House Rabbit Society of Chicago

The House Rabbit of Chicago rescues bunnies from shelters and ACO's, has them spayed/neutered and rehomes them. We currently also have about 12 "sanctuary" bunnies that are not considered adoptable and have medical issues. The pennies for bunnies proceeds would go toward our vet fund so that we can continue to provide quality veterinary care to the rabbits in our system so that they can live out their lives with us in comfort.
6/9/2012: New Moon Rabbit Rescue

Josie came to us on April 30 with a massive abscess under her chin due to an infected tooth root. She was extremely uncomfortable and refused to eat due to pain. Over the next few days, Josie showed herself to be a loving rabbit who was willing to love humans despite her ordeal.

She underwent surgery to remove the infected tooth and abscess on May 3. She was found to be suffering from osteomyelitis (bacterial infection of the bone) and the changes to the bone were shocking. She is continuing her treatment with daily flushings of the abscessed area, two antibiotics and pain medication.

Josie is doing well with treatment and her veterinarian is very pleased with her progress, however she will most likely require further high-cost surgical procedure(s) to remove a second molar before she recovers enough to find her forever home. She continues her fight every day and has never for one second given up - she is determined to survive this! $100 would help immensely with the medications she needs to fight the fight for her life.

6/9/2012: 4 Lil Pigs n Buns

We're definitely into the post-Easter dump season. Here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns, we are inundated with bunnies. We have taken in a couple of "bunny families" - complete with litters. Once the babies are old enough, we will need funds to have them spayed/neutered. We've taken in some strays as well as 9 bunnies who were flown up (yes, on their own private plane - thank you Pilots n Paws!) from Key West.

Our rescue fund is quite low right now, and we could definitely use the money to help with spay/neuter, other medical issues, and day to day expenses.

Thank you for your consideration! We know all the worthy rescues out there could use a little help!

6/9/2012: Bunny World Foundation

The Bunny World foundation would put the funds towards the extremely necessary medication we administer to raise our rescued week old bunnies from the LA Fashion District.
4/9/2012: North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary

The North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary (NTRS) would use this money for our Haven of Hope rabbits. The Haven of Hope is a division of NTRS which cares for rabbits with special needs. The Haven of Hope currently has NINETEEN rabbits in its care. Before being rescued by NTRS, these residents suffered from a number of ailments including head tilt, cuterebra (fly strike), and broken limbs. They are now being treated and recovering at the Haven of Hope and are receiving the loving attention and care that they deserve.
The latest Haven of Hope bunny brought to NTRS will unfortunately require amputation of both back legs due to an accident. The $100 would help towards the surgery and hopefully, she will be able to have a wheelchair like our beloved Jellybean.
Thank you and we hope that everyone will visit our Haven of Hope page on our website and view this valuable part of NTRS.
4/9/2012: Sweetpea Foundation Rabbit Rescue

$100 would definitely help the Sweetpea Foundation. We would put it towards a couple of spay/neuter surgeries for the five baby bunnies that were born a week after a woman brought us a bunny she claimed to have found running around loose in her neighborhood. We'd just had an adoption and had one spot open so we agreed to take the bunny. Then she brought the bunny along with a carrier and other supplies so we were quite certain it was her own bunny she was giving up and had made up the story about it being loose. In any case, the mama bun is beautiful but we did not expect 5 darling babies too. Now we have 6 bunnies to get spayed/neutered and have been working to get the donations to pay for all of the surgeries.
100% of all donations to Sweetpea Foundation go to care for the bunnies which pays for medicine, surgeries and vet appointments, food, hay, litter and other necessities. With the economic times being so tough in recent years, donations aren't as frequent or large as before and many people are giving up their bunnies due to losing their homes or not being able to afford their care anymore.
Sweetpea Foundation is a small non-profit rabbit rescue in southern California. We take in bunnies from high-kill city and county shelters as well as those abandoned in parks or found running in the streets. Typically we have anywhere between 40 -60 bunnies, and carefully screen potential bunny adopters. While the bunnies are with us they are housed in X-pens and large 42" crates and all get plenty of free run playtime and have fresh water, hay, food and toys. Our bunnies receive love and attention daily from the founder and volunteers so they are well socialized as well as litter box trained.
We hope the Pennies for Bunnies contest can help us help more bunnies!
4/9/2012: SaveABunny

We are sheltering the nicest and cutest little lop you ever will meet here at Saveabunny, named Emmett. Despite being sunny, sweet and calm, he was surrendered by his humans. He has had an ongoing ear problem requiring frequent draining and flushing. His existing medication seemed to have no effect. His chronic ear problem was just diagnosed as a viral infection requiring a prolonged course of medication administered over two weeks. He also has a discolored tooth which appeared to be a low grade infection, but is now stable. The tooth may require additional care. Once Emmit's health issues are behind him, he will be no doubt be adopted by some lucky family.
1/23/2012: Little Furries Rescue and Referral

We just rescued 12 rabbits from living in a small trailer(camper) and have found ourselves running out of basic supplies very quickly. Something that happens frequently here. We could really need some new basic supplies like water bottles, crocks, and toys for our new arrivals that come in! Every little bit helps and is very much appreciated here at Little Furries Rescue.
Thank you so much for being such kind and caring souls and supporting our quest to help homeless bunnies.
1/23/2012: Big Ears Animal Sanctuary Inc

Big Ears will use the $100 towards vaccinations against calici virus which is due to be released by the government in March.
1/23/2012: F5RS

Hello, we are F5RS, Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies, & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary. We take in ferrets, guinea pigs, bunnies, & parrots of all types. We are a very small and private rescue with few volunteers or funds. We spay/neuter all bunnies unless they can’t be altered or medicals reasons. If that is the case the bunnies stay with us forever and we take care of all their medical needs. This year we have been overwhelmed with bunnies, with several of them being ill. Here on BunSpace you can read FayWray’s story about her medical needs, what Jefe has gone through in his life, and how Oreo is doing with her tummy. We have several other bunnies here on medication for everything from a cold to a tumor which we hope isn’t cancerous. We also have 18 bunnies needed spays/neuter to get these buns ready for their forever homes. The $100.00 will go for medical and the spay/neuter fund.
Please help us to help the bunnies in our area. Thank you, F5RS.
1/23/2012: Rabbit Rescue Inc

We have had a number of special medical needs bunnies come into our care recently.
Earlier this month (Jan), Benji came to us with the largest dental abscess the vets had ever seen. Poor guy was left to suffer for months on end without any medical treatment. Within hours of being in our care, he was at the vet, assessed, and scheduled for surgery the next day. His initial surgery/care was over $1,000.00 He still requires follow up care, and we hope not another surgery.
As this please to vote for us is being posted, we are set to take in a sweet female New Zeland who was surrendered several days ago to a local animal control. She is in quite bad shape but no one else can help her and if we do not admit her, she will be euthanized in the shelter. So in she comes! She has back legs that seem to splay and / or not support her properly. She has a terrible infection and we are not sure the cause (as she is not yet in our care), it could be pyometra, or something even more serious such as cancer or both. She is set to come into our care on Jan. 23rd. We could certainly use the "pennies" to help her too! We have SO many medically needy rabbits in our care at the moment. These are just two of them.
Thank you for considering voting for RR.
12/30/2011: Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue could really use the $100 for medical treatment of our rabbits.
We have Nan who came to our rescue with a broken leg and mites. She was running loose in a neighborhood with her left rear leg dragging behind her. Nan had to have her leg amputated and is learning to get around without the use of her rear leg. The vet bill for this surgery has not been paid.
We have Chulo who has head tilt, is as sweet as can be and is still under medical care. Chulo perks up every time he hears his foster mom's voice.
And then there is Finn. He was born perfectly fine but came up with medical issue and has neurological issues. Finn is also under medical care. Finn loves to be held and will fall asleep in your arms.
Gainesville Rabbit Rescue has approximately 100 rabbits in our care. We rely on donations and volunteers including our foster homes where the bunnies get one-on-one attention.
Unfortunately, our donations have gone down due to the economy and the $100 would be a true blessing for our rabbits.
Thank you for considering Gainesville Rabbit Rescue for this opportunity.
12/30/2011: Red Barn Rabbit Rescue

$100 would greatly help us. These winter days, we are starting to see an increase in homeless rabbits. We guess that many of these rabbits were "Easter bunnies" and in their hormonal, adolescent stages causing owners to discard them like trash. This is heartbreaking as we have discovered our community to be so misinformed about rabbits. One goal of ours is to set up an education and outreach program to help educate people about owning pet rabbits. This would also include outreach to those already owning rabbits who may not be informed or financially able to care for their rabbit. Our shelter is full and our funds are almost nonexistent. We can use all the help we can get to help the many rabbits in our shelter and to develop programs to help rabbits everywhere. Thank you!
12/30/2011: West Michigan Critter Haven

West Michigan Critter Haven is an all volunteer network of foster homes for rabbits. Our funding consists of donations and adoption fees. Currently, our rescue alters each house rabbit while in our foster care program and provides emergency veterinary care to other foster pets as needed. We had been extremely lucky in the past, in terms of medical bills, however in recent months we have had three emergency situations come to our rescue in great need of expensive medical care. One was Tristan who came to our rescue with 5 bot flies in his tiny body, Nutmeg who was emaciated and bald on her lower 1/3 of her body, and Rosie who is currently battling e. Cuniculi in foster care. We would use the $100 to go towards the medical bills of these recent emergency rescue cases.
12/9/2011: Judge's Park

Our rescue Judge's Park is in definite need of $100! Currently we have two medical bunnies, Freddie and Charles, that we are taking care of here, along with 25 other rescue and sanctuary bunnies. Freddie was a neglected rescue we took in who had not been treated for a URI for over a year because his owner "had a baby and didn't have time." He was close to death when he came here, but with proper medical care, he has blossomed into a happy binkying special needs bunny. Charles was a stray that lived outside this whole summer, probably dumped because he has severe neurological issues that we are currently treating. He doesn't run in straight lines but he is one of the sweetest most lovely boys and we will do anything in our power to keep him happy! Adoptions are way down right now and we are at full capacity. We barely have enough money to feed the animals (though we always figure out a way to do that even if I have to take it out of my own pocket) and we don't have anything left over for our spay/neuters or something that I really want for the bunnies for the holidays, really good bunny toys. Anything to make them happy, so we could really use the help.
12/9/2011: Carrots & Cottontails Rabbit Rescue

We have several bunnies within our rescue with chronic health issues. One of which is our darling Daphne. Daphne is an adorable Holland Lop weighing in at 3 pounds. Her owner was troubled and law enforcement confiscated Daphne bringing her to the local "kill for space" county shelter.

One of our members saw Daphne on her next visit and inquired as to why we had not been contacted especially since it was very obvious Daphne was sick and had not been treated. Daphne had thick discharge coming from her nose and was having trouble breathing. It seems the situation was unique, one requiring a verbal agreement from the owner to give up ownership. The owner was unreachable due to health constraints. The shelter was unwilling even to allow us to care for Daphne until the owner could be contacted. We made a bit of a fuss until Daphne was evaluated and put on medication.

Daphne languished within the shelter for nearly 2 months without sufficient medical treatment. Nor was the shelter willing to allow us to take Daphne to our vet for diagnosis and care. The owner was finally available and her response to the shelter's inquiry was to hang up on them. The shelter immediately called us and we rushed to get Daphne.

Daphne has genetically poor quality teeth. They are very unhappy, discolored, and malformed. The roots of her teeth are also inflamed and there is "cloudiness" present in the x-rays indicating trouble. This chronic condition is the cause of the nasal congestion and we are concerned the inflammation/infection may permeate the skull.

Daphne receives acupuncture treatments every 2 to 3 weeks. She is on an oral antibiotic as well as several nutritional supplements to boost her immune system. Daphne also receives Nebulizer treatments twice daily as shown in the photo on the left. She is such a good girl. Daphne sits patiently in our laps shoving her little nose into her pediatric mask taking her meds. She knows the treatments help her feel better!

Due to Daphne's health, spaying is a risk we are not willing to take nor can we do any procedure requiring anesthesia considering her restricted breathing.

Daphne is the sweetest. She loves to play and does her share of binkies. Daphne also loves to cuddle and gives tender little kisses. They are a bit on the wet side but we don't mind at all.

The Pennies For Bunnies Contest Prize of $100 would help us with Daphne's considerable medical expenses. Her antibiotic must be compounded and flavored by a specialty pharmacy and costs $80 for a 2-month supply. Daphne has been with us for over a year and we do not feel it is appropriate to make her available for adoption due to her health issues. Our goal is to provide her quality of life for as long as she is with us.

12/9/2011: Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue has several ongoing projects, including building a bunny barn and finally applying for 501(c)3 status so we can get in to Petsmart to do adoption days!

Right now we are currently battling a few medical issues with some of our rabbits. Lady Mink was part of a big rescue effort in June with several other organizations, but she had a few problems when she arrived. She was blind and was in the beginning stages of glaucoma, so she had to have both eyes removed when she was spayed. She was a little sniffly when she arrived as well and it didn't clear up with rounds of a few different regular antibiotics, so we had special testing done to confirm which type of bacterias (she had two!) were causing the infection and which medication to use. She was on 2 months of antibiotic injections to no avail. X-rays last month showed that she did NOT have pneumonia (yay!). We switched her to a trial antibiotic and so far she is doing GREAT! The new medicine (azithromyacin) is $5 per pill (thankfully she only takes 1/4 at a time!) so her medical bills have really taken a chunk out of our spay/neuter budget over the last few months with the medications, x-rays, testing, and vet visits, much less the spay and eye removal. We also have Tonka who had to have a leg amputated, and Marsha Marshmallow who is now on the new drug as well for the sniffles that she was turned in with, so we have 2 rabbits currently on expensive medication that will continue for at least a few more weeks. We could really replenish our vet fund, as we still have a waiting list of rabbits needing to come to our foster group, and they will need spay/neuter when we have room to take them in!

11/8/2011: Tranquility Trail Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Sanctuary

Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary has a special needs bunny named Simon. Simon was a stray who arrived very malnourished with 7 bite wounds. Simon stole everyone's heart as even with all he had been through he was one of the friendliest and happy bunnies we have ever met. Unfortunately Simon has a severe digestive/bowel genetic abnormality and has to be on a very special diet of veggies and hay only. His system can't digest and move anything more substantial through his system. He gets 6-8 salads a day with a variety of fresh veggies along with some canned pumpkin. We would love to use the $100 for Simon's veggie fund. The cost of veggies and canned pumpkin really adds up and we would be so grateful for help purchasing his special food. Thank you for considering Tranquility Trail!
11/8/2011: Bird & Small Animal Rescue

Bird & Small Animal Rescue would like to enter this wonderful contest. Of course, our main expense is vet bills for spays & neuters of the bunnies but that isn't what we would like to use the $100 for! What we would do with the money is buy what we call "treat hay". We have loads of regular timothy hay but we like to also buy the hay with the bits of papaya or dried carrots in it. We then fill paper towels rolls with this for a toy for the bunnies. That hay is of course a little more expensive then the regular hay.
Thanks for considering our rescue for this contest!
11/8/2011: Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

Little five-month-old Gizmo arrived at our sanctuary with a suspiciously mangled leg. Her owners didn’t care enough to take her to the vet, and instead dumped the injured bunny off with us. It’s hard to believe that anyone could be so callous, but unfortunately, we see it all too often.

Gizmo’s leg was severely damaged and required extensive surgery. The vet wired the pieces of leg together in the hopes that they would heal normally. Then she fitted Gizmo with a special cast, which Gizmo will have to wear for the next six to eight weeks.

The cast hasn’t slowed Gizmo down in the slightest! She’s a happy girl who loves pets and cuddling. She’s stolen all our hearts, especially those of her foster families!

Gizmo’s surgery was expensive, and she will require several follow-up visits. Your generous donation will help our little girl get all the care she needs. A huge thank you from all of us at GLRS, and from our little trooper Gizmo!